Linda Anderson-Stewart



"Martha's Fire"
3 x 3.5' oil on linen




"Storm Watchers"
2 x 4' oil on linen




Linda Anderson-Stewart works from a studio in her home on a small ranch, located north of Waterton National Park, Alberta, Canada.  Her paintings are a reflection of the varied natural beauty in which she encounters on a daily basis.
With an honors B.F.A from the  Alberta College of Art and Design in Painting 1990, Linda has worked the last 22 years to develop her skills in a variety of mediums. Her mission is to best express how the natural world's colour and light affect her.
Her move to Waterton area was a much needed catalyst.  By immersing herself in this unique and much loved environment, she recognized and embraced her strong need for a sense of place.  Her work now encompasses the entire range of her visual experiences there - from the large sky and landscape expanses to the smallest of wild flowers, hidden deep in the grass -  all are parts of the whole that complete her world.