Tammy Fischer



"Take That Road West"
36 x 72"




"Waterton Gate"
12 x 16" watercolour




"Waterton Lake"
6 x 40" watercolour




"Winter Conversations"
8 x 24" mixed media on board




"Spring Lake"
12 x 24" watercolour




"Spring Green"
12 x 24" watercolour




"Prairie Girls"
12 x 16" watercolour




36 x 30" mixed media on board




"Birds I"
12 x 12" mixed media on board




"Birds II"
12 x 12" mixed media on board








Tammy Fischer was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where she is now raising her own family with her husband. A grad from the Alberta College of Art and Design, she is finding her voice through her art.

Working in various genres, her pieces span from abstract to still life and figurative images. Originally trained in the medical field, Tammy has taken the love of detail from biology and uses the satellite image as her microscope in her abstract pieces.


The works produced are a look at the marks made by man upon the land, the passage of time, a look at strata or layering and the investigation of what has gone before. The landscape within her work is of the mind; scenery built up of the strata of layers of rock and intervention of man as much as it is built up of strata of memory and senses. The investigation of ideas and the exploration of media and color are part of the journey of discovery in finding the voice that sings within.