Larissa Blokhuis











"Deep Sea Creatures Series"



"Miniature Deep Sea Creatures - Jellyfish"




"Sea Cucumber"




"Short Jellyfish"




"Fin Creature"



"Tentacle Creature"







"Frog Legs"




"Fin Creature"
















"Marimo Pendant"











Side View of "Urchin"




"Nudibranch" Red










We have lived alongside plants and animals for most of our existence as a species. Humans will always rely on plants and animals to survive. However, the path of modern development is leading us away from seeing ourselves as part of the natural world. This false division grows when our thoughts and actions do not honour our relationships to other life forms. As such, we are negatively impacting our planet and climate ever more rapidly. Seeing ourselves as part of the natural world helps us make positive, sustainable decisions in light of the changes we are seeing.
My current work is an imagining of what the world will look like if it becomes as hot as it has been in the pre-historic past. I place us in the future, with imaginary yet- to-evolve species. Our choice to value and protect nature today will allow us to see what strange and beautiful life-forms arise.
Concepts begin with studying depictions of ancient plant and animal life, and visualising something similarly strange yet beautiful. Tropical plants can reach immense proportions, while arctic plants are often compact and hardy. I play with scale, making comparatively large versions of life forms that would be tiny in today's nature systems, and vice versa. I always look for pattern, repetition, and contrast, and when I find these elements they often become the nucleus of a new idea.
Glass is my primary medium because it presents unique challenges in terms of sculpting and fabrication. I incorporate other materials as needed, including but not limited to: ceramic, steel, wool, polymer, concrete, and wood. I fabricate components out of these materials, and assemble them. I will often have a plan for components I fabricate, but some pieces are placed in different artworks or held back until I am working on a piece where those components will be most effective.
My decision to actively incorporate other mediums in my artwork has caused me to work more intuitively, allowing some decisions to be made after I begin a piece. This is a transition away from planning every aspect of each piece before beginning. This process allows more time for reflection on my original idea, and lends a spontaneous element to all of my forms, making them feel more natural and genuine.